Why Teach on Bizgurukul?

Teaching is all about providing skills to learners. So what are your thoughts on the concept of exploring, learning, and inspiring? Bizgurukul provides you with precisely the same, with more than 1 lakh enrolled users. So expand your professional network with us.

Bizgurukul is here to give you a platform wherein you can do the marketing and branding of your personalized course. We only demand expertise in your niche and welcome you into the new digital world.

Bizgurukul helps you sell courses that no other platform can provide. You can be an inspiration for different trainers and learners in our community.

How does Teaching work on Bizgurukul?

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Join India’s fastest-growing e-learning community as an educator. We will make sure to get back to you within 48 hours.

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Develop a course around any niche, and Bizgurukul will give you an ideal digital space to expand your target audience.

Start Teaching and Earning

You only require a laptop, camera, microphone, and internet. Then, design your course professionally. Finally, with every member joining, it will make up your monthly payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People with expertise in the corresponding field of the course will be given a chance to make a course for Bizgurukul. Enthusiastic people who wish to change the pattern of education will be appreciated.

You should have enough expertise on your subject matter. The educator should be capable to grab the attention of learners for them to stay consistent throughout the journey.

As of 2022, we have more than 1 lac learners enrolled with us, increasing monthly. We seek to provide a platform for educators. Our potential reach can help educators to get enough exposure among a wide range of audiences.

Yes! You do. But there is a benefit of working with us that our powerful marketing team across all the social media platforms, your course will be widely promoted.

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