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Learn AI to land better jobs! Companies love tech skills, and our course helps you get noticed, opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

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Imagine work without the boring stuff! AI lets you do that. Our course teaches you how to make your work easier by automating tasks – work smart, not hard!

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Be a business superhero! AI sparks new ideas, and our course shows you how. Stay ahead, be creative, and watch your empire grow!

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Benefit from a comprehensive education led by a seasoned industry expert. Gain insights, strategies, and knowledge with hands-on experience and a proven track record.

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Join an exclusive community that extends far beyond the course. Connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and continue to grow with the support of a network that lasts a lifetime.

Interactive Live Sessions

Participate in live sessions led by your mentor. Experience real-time guidance, ask questions, and engage in discussions that enhance your learning journey. The mentor's expertise becomes an invaluable resource for your growth.

30 Minutes Daily Commitment

Invest just 30 minutes a day to make significant progress in 4 weeks. This efficient and manageable commitment ensures that you can seamlessly integrate learning into your daily routine while maximizing the impact on your skill development.

One Year Access to Course Content

Enjoy unrestricted access to the course content for one year. This means you can revisit materials, stay updated on the content for a complete year ensuring an evolving learning experience.

Here’s what the course curriculum looks like

, from understanding ChatGPT's power to crafting perfect prompts and delving into advanced techniques, we will guide you through practical applications, monetization strategies, and hands-on skills.

Introduction to Prompt Engineering and GPT Basics

Module 1
Chapter 1 - Understanding the Power of ChatGPT and LLMs
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Get the lowdown on AI and ChatGPT, see it in action with real-life examples, and explore the possibilities. Dive into OpenAI's playground and get hands-on with GPT basics. Check out other LLMs like AI21, Claude, LlaMa2, and cohere.

Chapter 2 - Crafting Perfect Prompts

Learn the art of creating prompts that steer GPT's responses. Understand the role of prompts through instruction, examples, and their impact.

Chapter 3 - Advanced Prompt Techniques

Explore advanced prompt methods like Chain of Thought and Zero-Shot Chain. Understand settings like Temperature and Top P for optimal results.

Practical Applications and Monetization Strategies for Text-Based GPT

Module 2
Chapter 1 - The text-to-text landscape – Emails, blogging, resume, job description, etc.

Apply GPT to create personalized emails, blog posts, and other text formats. Explore text-to-text possibilities for SEO, SEM, and social media. Learn how to monetize these skills through freelancing and more.

Chapter 2 - Programmatic Content Generation

Discover how GPT can enhance SEO efforts and create content programmatically.

Chapter 3 - The Chatbot Goldmine

Build custom chatbots, study buddies, and digital assistants. Learn to monetize by selling or licensing to businesses and educational institutions.

Chapter 4 - Contracts, Templates, and Business-in-a-Box

Generate legal contracts and templates, explore selling contract bundles on Etsy.

Chapter 5 - Freelancing with GPT Skills

A guide to making money on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Etsy, and Amazon.

Advanced GPT Applications and Building with NoCode

Module 3
Chapter 1 - Coding with ChatGPT

Build a basic website with GPT's guidance. Learn to monetize by offering website creation services.

Chapter 2 - Marrying NoCode and GPT

Use NoCode platforms like Bubble.io to build GPT-powered tools. Explore monetization by selling or licensing these tools.

Chapter 3 - Expanding with ChatGPT Plugins

Overview of available plugins and how to integrate them for extended functionality.

Diving into Visuals and Monetizing Advanced AI Models

Module 4
Chapter 1 - Magic of Text-to-Image Models

Introduction to mid-journey, stable diffusion, ideogram, and style modifiers. Craft visuals using text.

Chapter 2 - Text to Image monetization strategies

Explore where and how to sell text-to-image outputs.

Chapter 3 - Diverse AI Models

Overview of text-to-video, text-to-audio, audio-to-audio, and image-to-video. Discuss various monetization strategies.

Chapter 4 - Other Monetization Strategies

Explore monetization avenues on platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Fiverr, and Etsy.

Chapter 5 - Creating custom GPTs, introduction to assistants API, and how to monetize them

Explore creating custom GPTs and using the assistant's API. Understand monetization strategies.

Let’s meet your mentor,


Aashish Pahwa, a New Delhi-based AI and Startup Consultant, and Digital Marketer, is a dynamic entrepreneur with a successful track record of building over 15 digital assets and businesses. His expertise lies in AI-powered ventures, digital marketing, startup marketing, and business models. As the founder of Feedough, a global startup resource, Aashish is committed to simplifying the entrepreneurial journey. His hands-on approach has transformed innovative ideas into profitable ventures, establishing him as a key figure at the forefront of the AI and entrepreneurship intersection.

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Fun Quizzes and Assignments

Learning should be enjoyable, and we've incorporated that into our course. Engage with fun quizzes that reinforce knowledge, while practical assignments that ensure application, making the experience interactive and rewarding.

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What are the prerequisites to join this course?

While there are no strict requirements, having a keen interest in learning and AI will enhance your experience.

What if I miss any live session?

No worries! You can catch up on missed live sessions through recordings and engage in community and discussion forums at your own pace.

How much is the mentor involved?

The mentor actively participates in live sessions, answering your questions and doubts. While not every message can be addressed outside sessions, regular insights will be shared.

How much time should I dedicate weekly?

For optimal learning, aim for 3-4 hours weekly. Live sessions are about an hour, and additional time is suggested for exercises and personal study.

What's included in the course?

Upon enrollment, you gain lifetime access to course modules, pre-study materials, live sessions, and an exclusive online community for networking and discussion forum for all insights.

What if I have questions between sessions?

Access our lively online community and discussion forum to post questions, share insights, and learn from peers.

Any specific software or hardware needed?

Most tools and platforms used are accessible online, making it convenient for all our students.

What certification do I receive?

Successfully complete 90% of course videos, pass quizzes with an 80% rate, and attend all live sessions to receive a Certificate of Completion duly signed by your mentor.

What opportunities follow completion?

Gain practical skills in AI tools and ChatGPT, enhancing your appeal to employers across industries, more startup ideas and join an online network for collaboration and ongoing learning.