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An Ed-tech company providing structured educational courses to help you LEARN and EARN. We create an e-learning space where everyone can discover the best for them. Bizgurukul believes acquisition of new skills and building something extra-ordinary. Our mission is to fill the gap in the application aspect our education system.

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"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

I embarked on my journey a few months ago, and to be honest, words can't define how bliss I am. Bizgurukul not only helped me become financially independent but also helps me to improve my overall development in my career life. This platform provides high skill development courses with lots of others perks that are just priceless. I am so fortunate to be a part of this proficient and fantastic platform. Moreover, it also improved my leadership skills which just not bring confidence in myself but also boosted my personality traits. Thanks a ton!!!! BIZGURUKUL.

Siddharth Thakur

B.B.A Student

"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

I’ve been a part of this community for three months. I noticed that skills are what will help you out in your entire life. I got a deep understanding and frameworks from BIZGURUKUL courses, making a productive Instagram profile, and optimizing and scaling Facebook ads. And the most beautiful part, in these courses, you will also be getting some life lessons that will enhance your personality overall and will undoubtedly lead to a better life. I am more than happy to be a part of this family.

Pragya Dubey

B.Tech Student

"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

A platform that changed my life for good. Gave me a lot more clarity and a better perspective about careers in the digital space. Also, providing with a top-notch level of knowledge along with a competitive and healthy environment for growth. As the saying goes "Success is where preparation and opportunity meets" and that place is bizgurukul for me.

Indu Choudhary

12th Student

"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

The interactive training system and support system by the organization has made my last year more productive than I imagined. I started with zero knowledge or experience in online marketing however, the journey so far was full of learnings and exposure to real-world marketing and business.

Divyansh Sengar

Engineering Student

"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

When I started my journey I had no idea what I would be doing and whether it will be worth it or not. But I just wanted to give it a try and who knew that it would turn out to be the best decision of my life. Their lifetime access to training, weekly live webinars, question answers rounds for doubt sessions, and endless other things have made it so easy to learn everything so quickly. Being a soft skills trainer I have now understood how I can take advantage of digital marketing to create my own personal branding and create more impactful training to give a boom to my career. It has even taught me to create an ample number of opportunities by not sticking to only one thing. Whatever I would say will be less for this platform.

Neha Gupta

Language & Soft Skill Trainer

"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

As Covid affected everything around, my business got hit really hard. The situation was scary with my unemployment and all the negativity around. I came to know about Bizgurukul, with an underconfident state of mind started, however, Bizgurukul courses and training pulled me out of that situation and put me in a space of e-learning and amazing opportunities that I never expected for me. I did courses, learned to interact with people and gradually my phobia of a camera, video making, the internet was gone. I also learned to design websites. Today I’m running my YouTube channel, monetizing it, and developed my own Website.

Sunil Kumar


"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

I was not unknown with online working and e-learning. When a few months ago, I got to know about Bizgurukul. However, I was skeptical as I had tried things like dropshipping and web designing, and many other things, but couldn't succeed as much. For the First time, I could become satisfied with online work as someone was there to guide me as and when required. My communication skills, personality, video creation skills got polished here and I was able to put them in the right direction.

Lucky Behl


"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

Bizgurukul is a complete package for learning to start your own business and to grow digitally on social media in a genuine way and that too at a very low cost. They provide amazing courses for skills, well-structured training for education courses with Q&A sessions, affiliate marketing, and personal mentorship. Our conventional thinking was far away from building the career digitally but BIZGURUKUL is replacing the job mindset with the mindset of being our own boss. They literally teach us the one thing "Everything is possible if you'll fight and do hard work for it".

Vanya Srivastava

C.A Aspirant

"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

Bizgurukul community has helped me grow exponentially with all the teachings and courses. Digital Marketing Trainer, Anmol Duggal has explained all the social media courses very well in the most detailed way. The best part about the community is, it’s not limited to any age group or any profession. The exposure is unlimited. I highly recommend others to go on this remarkable journey.

Akanksha Upadhyay


"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

Earlier I used to scroll Instagram feeds for hours and waste my time by watching reels all day but now I’m able to create very likable content and Instagram profile and the most important part is I’m able to deliver the content correctly all because of Bizgurukul’s courses. These courses helped me grow my digital business, improve my communication skills, and helped me gain a lot of knowledge about social media marketing, and finding my niche which I was lacking for a long time.

Dikshita Parekh


"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

I Learnt So many new skills here which I didn't learn from Anywhere. My career and mindset have evolved. Bizgurukul is creating an impact on every person lives who are connected with them. I am financially & mentally strong enough to achieve everything I want in my life.

Sachin Rajput

Badminton Player

"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

Initially, I wasn’t aware of how to use digital marketing in my career. My life was unproductive, boring, and negative. However, I didn’t expect that one-day social media scrolling will change my life for good. This platform has the power to give value and change lives. I feel much more confident, stable, and independent today. My family believes me more and encourages me to pursue my passion.

Priyanka Meher

MBA Student

"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

Bizgurukul is the kind of platform which I was looking for, as before enrolling here I tried many platforms like Event management, Network marketing and was looking for a platform through which I could fulfill my dreams. In both the field, I had a great experience but the search to my destiny didn’t end as my Dreams and Goals were specific and needed a platform through which I can earn so well and finally here I came. Not only in terms of financially also in terms of the skill set I learned so many skills which I applied on my social media and got Amazing results

Aman Rai


"i highly recommend to go on this remarkable Journey"

As a college student, I wanted to develop my personality & communication, also I was interested in learning digital skills. Bizgurukul is the only community that is a full package of learning skills, developing personality, teaching professional skills, and keeping us together as a close-knitted community that gives full ‘family wali feeling