MBA: Retail Management, Merchandising, and E-commerce

MBA: Retail Management, Merchandising, and E-commerce

A course by Navdeep Yadav, Founder Float, Product Manager, Trainer

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MBA: Retail Management, Merchandising, and E-commerce

A course by Navdeep Yadav, Founder Float, Product Manager, Trainer

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What you'll learn

  • Retail Management, Retail Marketing Mix, Retail Finance & Accounting
  • CRM, Merchandising Management, and Planning
  • E-commerce and D2C Brand
  • Inventory Management and Planning
    • Market Basket Analysis, Store Layout, and Design
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Introduction to Asset Management and Margin Management
    • Category and Inventory Management
    • Private Labels and White Labels

Course Description

If you have been to a retail store, why do you end up buying more than you need? That's because they provide you with an amazing shopping experience by using some business strategy. This course will help you understand the strategies you can follow if you plan to start your own retail business or e-commerce brand in the future. The word ‘Retailing’ is derived from the French verb ‘retailer’, which means, "to cut a piece off." From a marketer's point of view, retailing is defined as a set of marketing activities that are designed to provide satisfaction to the end consumer. In India, we have retail professionals who get stuck up at the store manager level or the same way store supervisors do. Sometimes area managers also in retail are not able to grow. Also, retailers without retail science knowledge take a longer time to grow many a time not able to grow business at all. So, this course is going to be very beneficial for all the audiences. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to grow at the next level faster and can crack interviews faster, will surely have a deep understanding to take corrective actions, increase in sales and profits of retail business, can even start your own retail store & chain and, build sales right from day one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Bizgurukul?

    Bizgurukul is an ed-tech platform. Along with the trendiest, it also delivers courses with skills that are much needed at the present times. It was established in the pandemic year 2020 to bridge the gap between education and entrepreneurship, and it majorly focuses on those who want to upskill and become industry experts.

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    Bizgurukul offers an endless number of opportunities to its learners, such as upskilling their extent of knowledge, and guiding them in their career aspects. Moreover, it boosts your social media, which helps monetize the respective platforms.

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    Primarily there are three bundles, i.e., Branding Mastery Courses, Traffic Mastery Courses, and Influence Mastery Courses.
    We have recently added two more bundles to this- Finance Mastery and Marketing Mastery.

  • What kind of skill-based courses do you provide?

    Bizgurukul offers a wide range of skill-based courses: Personality Development, Instagram Mastermind, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Mastermind, Facebook Ads Mastermind, Stock Market Mastery, and many more others. Bizgurukul also delivers quality bombarded training sessions through the segment “In-demand.” “Courseflix” is yet one of our segments that aims to bring short courses on the table for your convenience.

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Your Instructor

Navdeep Yadav Instructor MBA: Retail Management, Merchandising, and E-commerce

Navdeep Yadav Product Manager | MBA

Navdeep is an MBA graduate and Co-Founder of a Job Portal. Previously he has worked as a Product Manager in multiple startups like GUMLET and Digi-Prex. He has diverse experience in Software as a Services (SaaS), Healthcare, and D2C Startups. He works closely with entrepreneurs, startup incubators, and Accelerators to help startups build new products, revamp their business models, and enhance the customer experience.

MBA: Retail Management, Merchandising, and E-commerce

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