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Maxify Your Success With Graphology
Aastha Kalra

05 Jan, 2023 7 PM

Topics Covered at a Glance

  1. What is Graphology?

  2. Understanding of the Human Mind.

  3. How does Graphology work?

  4. What does Handwriting tells about your Personality?


Analyze a Person’s Integrity.
Learn about your Strengths and Weaknesses through Handwriting.
How to Choose the Right Career Path.
Personality Evaluation through Graphology.

About the Trainer

● Aastha Kalra is a graphologist, therapist, and counsellor.

● She began handwriting analysis as a hobby and eventually developed a passion for it.

● She can unearth the overall behavior and character of a person by looking at one’s handwriting.

● Aastha has guided more than 400 people to help them live a quality life.

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