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How to Build Your Self Confidence
Divya Verma

22 Dec, 2022 7 PM

Topics Covered at a Glance

  1. What it is like to be Self Confident.

  2. Understand what is your Fear of Failure.

  3. How Self-Confidence can help in Building your Personal Brand.

  4. Enhance your Growth Mindset.


Personal Development
Better ability to deal with setbacks
Improve Critical Thinking
Develop Persuasive Skills

About the Trainer

● Divya is an Assistant turned Entrepreneur.

● Divya has trained over 3,00,000+ people through her YouTube channel and training programs.

● She is committed to providing affordable education and skills to the people on topics that everyone wishes they were taught at schools.

● This passion for helping and growing with others has led her to build a series called 'Struggle Stories'.

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